Snowboarding in sand?


Once a year, sandboarding fans meet at Monte Kaolino in Hirschau (near Amberg/Opf.) and determine their best. So just something for competition professionals? Under no circumstances will anyone who stands securely on the board in the snow also be successful on sand and start out as a sandboarder. Curious?

In 2024, sand and snow riders have a great challenge to show their mastery on the board, however, the event seeks to bring together the global sandboarding community to continue promoting and developing this sport.


InterSands is an international association dedicated to the development and professionalization of sandboarding and sandskiing, exciting sports practiced on majestic sand dunes. Their primary mission is to promote the safety and growth of these sports by setting safety standards, organizing high-level competition, and providing training and resources to athletes and enthusiasts around the world. In addition, InterSands works closely with local communities and authorities to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach when carrying out these unique activities in the sand dunes.


Sandboarding is a sport practiced in sand dunes with enough of an incline to allow the sandboard to slide downward. When practiced professionally, the sport is similar to snowboarding.


The sport has its origins in professional skiing and was developed in Australia and Germany in the 1950s. Sand skiing originated in South America thanks to the Swiss Laurent Bernhard (member of our organization).


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Bringing children on the snow sports

Die Challenge für Sand- und Snowboard Rider

Swiss Television in Peru

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In 2020, the International Ski and Snowboard Federation FIS and the International Sandboarding and Sandski Association – INTERSANDS, signed the agreement “Promotion of Snow Sports Activities for Children” to promote winter sports in countries where sandboarding and sand skiing are practiced.